Generate gift cards from your previous purchases

At you can turn your purchase into a gift card.
License codes are always included when buying games and programs and in this case we have made it so that the license code is automatically generated on gift cards which can be printed out and given to a gamer you love.

Buy wood in meter

When you, like, have customers who need to buy a number of square meters of wood for their new terrace, the tree must be purchased in different lengths.
You can do this at, where we have delivered a system that allows you to put together the amount of wood needed.
At the same time, it is also possible at this shop to give a percent discount if you buy a number of square meters, which of course is defined by the webshop.
At the same time, the system knows how much accessories are needed, based on the amount of wood purchased. This accessory is automatically displayed to the customer.
It is all handled in 1 product page.

Age Confirmation and Home Delivery

At Steam Expert it is a requirement that you are over 18 if you want to shop on their webshop.
A simple popup informs and requires that you confirm that you are over 18 years old before you can proceed.
The steam expert wants to offer home delivery within a specified radius of their physical storeĀ and so we added additional checkout fields for citizens coming from the same city as the store.
This is controlled by the zip code and the new fields with the boroughs allow customers to choose to have home delivery for an additional amount specified by the shop.

Email marketing, directly from the back office

At Monis, they sell feed and accessories for reptile owners and people with terrariums with exotic pets.
Monis has a very committed customer group and therefore sends out a number of emails with offers and good advice to their target group.
We have built an email system that is connected to the customers, so that highly targeted campaigns can be created. Promotions based on previous purchases, left-hand baskets, and pages that customers have shown interest in.