About Shoptech.media

Shoptech was founded by Benny Holgaard from Denmark, who has worked on the Prestashop platform for many years.
What started with simple installations, and quickly developed into complex webshop solutions., because of Bennys huge curiousity about features.
“What if I can make it like this …..”
This curiosity is why Benny Holgaard is one of the leading Danish experts on Prestashop E-commerce, and from this, Prestaspeed was founded.

Benny Holgaard

From Prestashop to ThirtyBees

Benny has taken care of his Danish customers for many years, while traveling as a digital nomad, primarily in Asia.
In Asia he allied with skilled programmers who are now at the heart of the company today.

Over time, Prestaspeed shifted its focus away from Prestashop in favor of ThirtyBees, which is an enhanced platform with the same core as Prestashop.
The choice of ThirtyBees as a platform has meant that the upgraded customers have better opportunities with search engine optimization, fewer problems and much faster webshops.

From Prestaspeed to Shoptech

Shoptech is the name of the future system. The original code has been improved and adjusted so much, that it no longer made sense to call the company Prestaspeed when the election fell on ThirtyBees.
Although ThirtyBees is a fork of Prestashop, our version of ThirtyBees has been re-coded and improved even more, so that in the future we call our system Shoptech.
-Its a system that keeps more collection on all the requirements, you as an E-merchant want to meet.